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ChatPays is always within reach to connect you with your friends around the globe.

Send them your invite link and stay connected. Because happiness is better shared.


There are over 7 billion people on this planet who all share something in common: Chatting to each other every day makes us happy. Getting paid for it every day should make us ecstatic!


Today, many teens and young adults are slowly moving away from social media and are looking towards chat apps as their primary source for communication. We value friendship and reward loyalty.


Welcome to ChatPays - Exchange messages, pictures, videos and make voice or video calls.

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Where better to turn to for a fun and a safe place to connect?

We aim to become the pioneer for everyday people across the world who are looking to earn from a simple social but lucrative messaging app.


The success of a social app is measured by the size of its community and this is why we promise to reward our members that help us grow the ChatPays community.


Get involved and Say hello to the world! We’re growing fast, so we’d love you to join us!


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